"Open Marking" system for the 2004 SFOpen

Mar 15, 2004
San Francisco, CA -- March 15th 2004 --

Lee Wakefield will head a panel of internationally-known dancesport judges, including National Champions and World Representatives, at the 2004 San Francisco Open Dancesport Championships.This distinguished
group of adjudicators will use "open marking" to score the final rounds of all Championship-level events. In an openly marked final, the judges
display their placements for each couple immediately after each dance.
Open marking is used more often in Europe than in the United States, and is sure to lend an added dimension of excitement to the evening sessions.

The 2004 San Francisco Open Panel of Adjudicators:
* Lee Wakefield, Provo, UT, Chairman of Judges
* Shirley Ballas, London, Great Britan
* Didio M Barrera, Miami Beach, FL
* Stephen Cullip, San Rafael, CA
* Katusha Demidova, New York, NY
* Nadia Eftedal-Severino, Whittier, CA
* Collin Hillary, Coral Springs, FL
* Denise Jourdaine-Krauel, Emerald Hills, CA
* Diana McDonald, Fairfield, NJ
* Gary McDonald, Fairfield, NJ
* Mary Murphy, San Diego, CA
* Brian Puttock, Las Vegas, NV
* Susan Puttock, Las vegas, NV
* Denis Tremblay, Vancouver, B.C.
* Glenn Weis, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
* Jonathan Wilkins, New York, NY

For more information, please visit www.sfopen.com or email info@sfopen.com.